Justin Michael Fernandez was born in Downey, CA. He's always had an interest in reading stories, which led to his passion for writing them. After having a knack for taking his mother’s camera and recording everything he came across, he decided to combine two of the things he loved and wrote and directed his first short film at the age of 11, and again at the age of 13 and once more at the age of 17. After graduating High School in 2012, Justin chose to attend a film school in the Santa Barbara Area, where he shot several shorts.  In 2013 He joined the independent music label Roc*it Entertainment, where he was the media manager. Justin directed and edited 3 Music videos with them. He also did web design and photo-shoots, promotional videos, bios and concerts for the label. In 2014 Justin wrote and directed his first feature film. "Dark Consequences premiered on July 23 2015. In 2018 Justin received his BFA in filmmaking. Now with many credits and titles under his belt Justin is focused on developing multiple projects in a variety of mediums. With content creation and growing as a storyteller being his main goal.
Demo Reel
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